Yoga Day

International Yoga Day Celebration at KHS Primary School

The International Yoga Day, celebrated all over the world, was observed in our school, as well, on the 21st of June’18 with the full staff in attendance and a gathering of around 80 students from Std. I to Std. IV.

Our PT instructors conducted the Yoga session beginning with the recitation of the Gayatri Mantra. This was followed by breathing exercises and the basic Yoga exercises in the sitting posture which could be performed by all. They elucidated the health benefits of each exercise.
This year some of our children with the children of Kannada medium performed asana. Yoga instructor Mrs. Shirguppi conducted the yoga session. She explained each and every asana, its importance and the correct way of doing yoga. Further, she spoke to the teachers about stress busting and relaxation techniques for developing a healthy and balanced mind.

All the teachers and our helpers also performed exercise and Aasana.
Thus, the Yoga Day was celebrated in a very organized way, in a serene environment, in our school.

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