Cocurricular and extracurricular Activities

At our school, your child will learn through experience, making and doing things, experimentation, reading, discussion, asking, listening, thinking and reflecting and expressing. Your child will participate in co-curricular activities in art, music, sports, social work, environment and competitive exams in Maths, languages, Science and Computers.

During our Maths lab, from Std. V to VIII, your child will effortlessly grasp concepts, develop analytical and logical learning through activities, games and projects such as interviewing vegetable vendors, shopkeepers and businessmen. In our English lab, from Std V to IX, your child will learn grammar, increase vocabulary and enhance oratory skills through vocabulary games, puzzles,  etc.   In the first four years of secondary school, your child will participate in ASSET Exams. ASSET (Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing) is a scientifically designed test which assesses the level of conceptual understanding in students.In the first four years of secondary school, your child will participate in Asset Exams . All through secondary, participating in inter class sports matches, thematic contests and various competitive exams, your child will gain self confidence. Duke Tip Std. VII students scoring 95 percentile or higher in the ASSET test are selected to participate in the Duke Tip India Talent Search. The program is offered by Duke University and provides a unique learning environment designed to motivate and challenge academically talented students.   Participating in our ‘Joy of Giving Week’ will teach your child empathy and activities such as energy conservation, waste management, vermiculture will develop environment awareness in your child.   For our Std. X students, we specially arrange for guest lectures on Keep Moving, and Bramhavidya. Bramhavidya will help your child in stress management through yoga and breathing exercises. Keep Moving are life transforming training sessions.   In addition our ‘Extracurricular Activities’ such as information technology, skating, taekwondo, dance, public speaking, theatre provide opportunities for your child to develop a specific skill of his or her liking.

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