Staff Fest

Staff Fest

Staff Fest was introduced in this academic year 2017-18. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm. The Fest included cooking competition, Funky Carving and sports.
Cooking competition brought out hidden talents of teachers in cooking and presentation skills of the yummy dishes.

Everyone was ecstatic as they sampled the mouth watering delicacies aesthetically adorned by each contestant. There was a wide range of food items displayed right from the traditional Pooranpoli to the Italian Risotto and Lasagne. Contestants had taken care to concoct items which were not only delicious but also nutritious.Funky carvings, made on the spot using vegetables and fruits, were a treat to the eyes.Sports activities gave an opportunity to all the staff members to unwind. All the sports activities were fun-filled and stress busting. It also gave teachers to exhibit their good health and overflowing energy.

All the staff members and our principal enjoyed this Staff Fest very much.

1.1. Mrs. Sulochana Phatak
2. Mrs. Archana Kajale
3. Mrs. Runa Chattopadhyay
Funky Carving
1. Mrs. Pallavi Bhogade
Sports - 30 mtrs Running
Mrs. Shraddha Nanavare
Mrs. Manish Ghare
Mrs. Seema Dalvi
30 mtrs Running ( Helpers)
Mr. Tukaram kumbhar
Mr. Sanjay Naik
Mr. Shivaji Dubale
Blind Fold Balance
Mrs. Bela Shrotri
Mrs. Jyoti Takalkar
Mrs. Anjali Borkar

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