At secondary level, the teacher is a role model, a support who helps the child to overcome any hurdles faced. Our staff has the empathy and knowledge needed to support and guide your child and are facilitators.

We are committed to continuous professional development of all our teaching staff so that we can ensure quality education for your children. Teachers frequently attend outside courses, workshops, orientations as well as in-house trainings, do extensive research and undergo evaluations to keep abreast and adopt current and best teaching practices and subject knowledge.

At the beginning of every year, each department sets its objectives and plans approaches, methods, activities and tools and conducts ‘model lessons’. Throughout the year, during weekly department meetings, teaching problems are discussed, solutions explored collectively, sharing takes place and extra inputs are given to improve the teaching-learning process.

I am very proud that three of our teachers have qualified from the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) certificate course from the Education Initiatives, Ahmadabad. We are now applying the CCE system to improve your child’s achievements. In addition two teachers have authored English and Maths books.

All our school staff is important to us and for your child’s school experience as well. Our dedicated and responsible support staff is always ready to help your child and facilitate our work.I am proud of all my staff.

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