Report on Science Exhibition

Report on Science Exhibition


Like every academic year,this year too,Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao Junior College witnessed the Science Exhibition on 17 th december 2016.It was inaugrated by Mr. Babu Rao,treasurer,Kannada Sangha,Mrs. Satyanarayan ,ex-principal Jr. college and Mrs. Sumathi Srinivasan,principal Jr. college.

Exhibition was based on varios themes for various subjects such as tissue culture,effects of antibiotics on bacteria and herberium for biology, learning by doing for chemistry, energy for physics etc. Electronics laboratory was full of gaming zone, robotics, amplification and controlling systems. Mathematical games was the special attraction for the students. Students of geography displayed the survey of the ground, atmospheric model and charts. Computer labs had all e-projects on games and other software programmes developed by students.

In addition to this, Commerce students took initiative in displaying the ISA projects and charts as a part of exhibition.Not only the staff and students but GTA also was actively involved. GTA took initiative in putting up the ‘ WWF-India’ stall with all WWF products like bags, cards, calenders, key chains, caps etc. which carried a slogan of nature conservation.

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