Mathematics Project for standard VII

Concept used: Equations in one variable, operations on fractions and decimal numbers.
Project: Making a clock using complex mathematical operations.


  1. Prepare a wall clock using complex mathematical operations.
  2. The diameter of the dial should be equal to or more than 20 cm.
  3. 1min = 60; 5 min = 300
    Make divisions on the dial accordingly.
  4. Shape of the clock can be of your choice.
  5. The background should be colorful. [The numbers and the divisions on the clock should be clearly seen.]
  6. Marks will be awarded based on the following points.
    • Complexity of the operations.
    • Presentation.
    • Punctuality (Submission on time.)

Time given for the project: Given in Diwali vacation.

(A students needs 3 days to prepare the clock; i.e. 1.5 hours per day.)


All students prepared the clock very enthusiastically.
The complexity of operations used in their clocks was according to their mathematical abilities
All the clocks were made very creatively.


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