Co Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities

Learning at KHS is a rich mixture of curricular, co curricular and extracurricular activities, which will give your child plenty of opportunities for all round development and building a good personality.

Co-curricular activities offer opportunities for children to learn through doing things with their own hands, experiencing things, enhance their abilities, develop logical and conceptual thinking, impart a greater sense of well-being within children and allow them to express themselves more.

At KHS, along with academics your child will learn music, art and craft, go on field visits and participate in physical training. Throughout the year, your child will participate in assembly skits, interclass competitions like the festival of poetry, theme dressing, clay modeling, drawing competitions, various competitive exams and gain self confidence.

Fun filled activities of our English and Maths labs such as games, field visits, projects, and puzzles are designed to help your child to understand the concepts taught in classrooms effortlessly.

Your child will also choose an extracurricular activity of his or her liking such as aesthetic art, taekwondo, skating, young scientist, dance, yoga etc. Extracurricular activities provide an ideal opportunity for you and your child to identify and enhance specific skills of your child.

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