Portion of STD I

Portion of STD I


ENGLISH LITERATURE L – 12 Teenu saves the lion
L – 13 Its time to be a rock
GRAMMAR L – 15 Singular nouns and pronouns
L – 16 plural nouns and pronouns
L-17 Action words ( Verbs)
L-18 Describing words ( Adjectives)
L-19 Whose things are these?
L-20 Verbs and Time
L-21 Prepositions
L-22 Special naming words
L-23 Ask a question
L-24 The sentence
CREATIVE WRITING Comprehension ,Picture Compositions, Sequencing, Language Exercises
MARATHI अ ते ज्ञ मुळाक्षरे
१ ते १० अंक
Text book + class work book मधील सर्व, काना मात्रा नसलेले शब्द + वाक्ये (only for copy writing)
MATHEMATICS Addition, Subtraction, Geometrical shapes, Tables 2 to 10, Number names from 0 to 100, measurement, time, calendar, money, ascending descending order of numbers
SCIENCE L – 13 Weather
L – 14 Our Earth
L – 15 The Sun , Moon and Stars
L – 16 We Need House
DRAWING On the spot (Bring colours and black sketch pen)
CRAFT Collage (Bring fevicol, decorative material, colours and black sketch pen)
MUSIC राग—काफी ,दिवाळीचे गाणे –चक चक चकली , खेळाचे गाणे – हासू नाचू या , भाजांचे गाणे –काकडी ग काकडी
G.K. L-30 Days to remember
L-39 Clean and healthy
L-45 My neighborhood
L-46 Summer holiday
L-47 Story Time
HINDI अ आ इ ई की मात्रा – शब्द दो अक्षरवाले, तीन अक्षरवाले और चार अक्षरवाले, ३ -४ शब्द्वाले वाक्य लिखना – शब्द - jumble words , cw में दिया हुआ सब पढाई करना
PT Standing board jump, Rope Climbing without support, standing and sitting position aasans.

5 Marks Project

2 letters , 3 letters , 4 Letters words वाचून चित्र काढणे Model of house Jumbled words को सही लिखके चित्र बनाओ Rearrange the given words to make a meaningful sentence

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