We believe that parents play an important role in the education of their child. Therefore, we encourage you to take interest in your child’s education by daily checking the homework, taking keen interest in your child’s preparation of daily lessons, checking school bags and ensuring that your child comes to school on time and in a clean and complete uniform.

At the beginning of every year we conduct orientations for our parents. Throughout the year you will also receive messages via our SMS facility so that you do not miss important days, meetings and activities.

You will get opportunities to participate in workshops organized by our counseling unit to help you support your child. Our counselors are always there to assist you to deal with any issues related to your child.

Our teachers will regularly interact with you and discuss with you the progress of your child during parent teacher conference and report days. You will also get opportunities to share and enjoy invaluable moments with your child during our annual events.

Our PTA forms a vital link between parents and the school and we welcome your suggestions regarding improvements needed.

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