Principal’s welcome

Welcome to Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao Junior College (KSJC).

Our college started in 1996, when the Kannada Sangha, our parent body, brought into reality its dream – a Junior College with a caring, supportive, humane atmosphere for youngsters, which above all builds sensitive, humble and responsible citizens.

As a student at KSJC, your son or daughter will be joining around 1600 intelligent and ambitious students and benefit from excellent academic training, dedicated staff and well equipped facilities.

We focus on our ‘Guiding Principles- Learner Centric Education and Safe and Caring Environment.’ ‘Academic Excellence’ is our priority and through rigorous training and evaluations, including periodic tests according to board and CET pattern, we prepare our students for an excellent performance at the HSC board exams and a career in his or her field of interest, be it engineering, medicine, pure sciences or commerce.

Our committed faculty nurtures the aspirations of your son or daughter to excel academically and lays the foundations for life-long learning. Our counselors work with you and your ward to make easy the transition into higher education.

Strongly believing in all round development and in building ‘individuals’, KSJC provides students with many opportunities to participate in various co-curricular activities, develop various aspects of his or her personality, acquire the necessary skills and gain self confidence.

Knowing that every parent will want their son or daughter to have the best possible experience while studying, we ensure that every student who enters our portals, gains from the two years with us and leaves with a pleasant experience of having enjoyed this part of his or her life.

Mrs. Sumathi Srinivasan

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