Trustees / Management


The Board of trustees represent eminent Kannadigas from different walks of life. Each Institute under the Kannada Sangha, Pune has independent academic panels that govern the functioning of the institutes.

Each trustee is assigned a specific role to play. All members are involved in discussions but the trustee in-charge takes the ultimate decision after discussion with others and in consultation with expert trustees.

Trust and mutual respect is what helps us to function so beautifully.

Trustees of Kannada Sangha

Name Title Profession
Mr. Kushal Hegde Hon. President Entrepreneur
Mrs. Indira Salian Hon. Vice President Educationist, Poetess
Dr. Narayan G. Hegde Hon. Vice President Consultant & NGO
Mrs. Malati S. Kalmadi Hon. Secretary Educationist
Dr. Uday G. Shetty Hon. Jt. Secretary Medical Practitioner
Shri. B. Baburao Hon. Treasurer Retired Banker
Mr. A. Srinivas Alva Hon. Jt. Treasurer Chartered Accountant
Mr. P. Narayan Hon. Trustee Practicing Advocate
Mr. Chandrahas Shetty Hon. Trustee District Governor – Lions Club
Ms. Radhika Sharma Hon. Trustee Educationist
Dr. Balajith Shetty Hon. Trustee Management Consultant
Mr. Ashwin Shastri Hon. Trustee Management Consultant
Mrs. Payal Kalmadi Bhartia Hon. Trustee Business
Dr Shashilkala Gurpur Hon. Trustee Director - Symbiosis International Law School

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