We have developed ‘Learning Centers,’ as an attempt to develop each child’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and aesthetic abilities. Each center is constructed to encompass numerous objectives, focusing on student autonomy and learning style by giving each student an opportunity to explore his learning environment hands-on in a developmentally appropriate area. Children use different media to reinforce what has been learnt in the classroom. Teachers act as facilitators, providing materials and guidance, as well as planning discussions, activities, demonstrations, and reviews.

Our colourful and well-resourced ‘Activity Room or Art Studio,’ will develop the imagination and creativity of your child and enhance their ability to express and make decisions. Here, children learn to work in groups, as they undertake an art/craft project or play games. The ‘Doll House’ in our Activity Room encourage imaginative play, where the children will play make-believe home-makers and get creative, imitating what they see adults do. Children learn organization and concentration skills as they cook in the kitchen, clean the living room, organise the bedroom, teach, take care of dolls and come back home from office.

Another all-time favourite addition to our Activity Room is the ‘Balls Corner’, where innumerable balls in multitude of colours enthrall our children. Children love this section, where they get to jump and swim through the colourful globes, developing their balance and other gross motor skills and vent excess energy. They learn to overcome the fear of the unknown and of falling and getting hurt, but ultimately having fun!

Your child will enjoy putting up little shows with teachers, participate in music and movement with the group, watch puppet shows and educational films in our well equipped ‘Audio Visual Center’.

Listening to stories narrated by the teacher, sitting or lying down on pillows and looking at a favourite book, our ‘Library’ will instill a culture of reading in your child. Train shaped cupboards, wheel shaped tables, brightly coloured cushions and well chosen books are what makes this place a preferred choice. Children sift through the enriching books, helping in their language development and communication skills.

Our separate ‘Counselling’ unit and trained counsellors are always there to guide you in parenting and help your child to adjust to their new surroundings.

The entire ground-floor area has been developed to enhance each child’s gross motor skills, where they learn team work and co-operative play. Mini Tennis is taken by sports professionals in our stilts. Other team games are also conducted here. The ‘Sand Pit’ offers a blank canvas to children on which they can explore and indulge in imaginative play, as well as improve their dexterity and co-ordination. Children dig holes, build castles and make patterns with the different sand toys while exploring textures. The state-of-the-art Play paraphernalia is another value added addition to our out-door play area.

Your child will spend each day in these various learning centers, making our tiny tots brave, social, follow a healthy lifestyle, memorize, express and imagine. Providing such exposure is essential for the child’s overall learning experience.

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