We believe that learning is not restricted only to classrooms. Children learn through discussions, observations, experience and by doing things on their own. What children learn at this age lasts with them for the entire life. Not only do we prepare your child academically, but we also prepare him or her to live a happy life.

Our learning process is based on the following three pillars.

Valuing the uniqueness of each child; we believe that each child has great potential and support each child to reach his or her optimum potential.

Development of the whole child and building individuals; your child will be coached to achieve his or her personal best in all areas of education:

academics, sports and physical education, computers, art, craft, music and social skills. He or she will learn to be confident through participation in our various competitions and exams. He or she will learn organisation, persistence and resilience in trying to complete the work and giving their very best. Above all, the school culture will teach your child to behave as fair-minded, responsible and humble human being. The friendly school environment and attitude of teachers will encourage your child to be tolerant to others and work together as a team.

Providing a stress free environment; we strongly believe that a stress free environment is what is necessary for growth. At our school your child learns effortlessly through dialogues with teachers, projects and through experimenting. Our teachers use various audio visual aids and innovative teaching methods in order to make learning enjoyable.

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