Kaveri Research and Innovation Centre

Kaveri Research and Innovation Centre

The aims and objectives of the centre are:

  1. To create zeal amongst students and faculty members towards research and innovation.
  2. To search niche areas of research and try to create centers of Excellence.
  3. To promote research in various departments of the college by organizing the lectures of eminent researchers.
  4. To foster collaborations with Industries for mutual benefits.
  5. To explore the industrial needs and undertake the projects that eventually will result in new or improved products, systems or services.
  6. To establish collaboration with other Colleges, Universities and Institutions and try to identify R&D projects which can also include consultancy services.
  7. To provide research environment and effective management of R&D projects undertaken by the faculty members at the college level.
  8. To connect research with application for the benefit of society.


To fulfill the objectives of the centre, various activities are conducted by the centre throughout the year such as guest lectures by eminent researchers, seminars related to research for the students, exhibitions of the research projects by the students etc.

Various research projects were undertaken by the staff members and the students at University/College level.

Senior faculty members have been constantly encouraging the junior staff members to start research in their respective subjects. Total four staff members completed their Ph.D. and four staff members are about to finish their doctoral research.

To inculcate research among the staff members and students of the college, the KRIC committee is taking lot of efforts and organizing various activities throughout the year. This will help the college authority to develop research environment in the college.


Head: Dr. Jayashri Bangali



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