Kaveri Consultancy Centre

Kaveri Consultancy Centre

We are happy to inform you that Kaveri College of Arts, Science and Commerce has started a professional consultancy wing ‘Kaveri Consultancy Cell (KCC)’ to provide various consultancy services to the society. KCC aims at providing prompt and concise professional consultancy to the individuals, educational and professional institutes, small to medium-sized Enterprises in the conduct of their business. Being from education sector we are uniquely positioned to help you tackle day to day challenges.
Objectives of KCC

  • Delivering services based on real needs
  • Adding value to clients’ projects
  • To provide relevant consultancy or mentoring support

KCC is equipped with the qualified experts to provide consultancy services in the following domains.

  • Career counselling in Commerce, Management, Computer Science and Arts
  • Research in Social Sciences, Electronics, Commerce & management
  • Electronics, Lighting & Artificial Lighting
  • Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations and Labour Laws,
  • Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance
  • Accounting and Costing
  • Financial Management, Personal Finance
  • Marketing Management
  • Organising field visits / Industrial visits.
  • Network support and system administration ( Linux)
  • DBMS, SQL, Java and fundamentals of Networking.
  • Software Development & Web publishing
  • Mathematics and statistics
  • National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) documentation system.
  • Soft skills
  • Media, Event Management
  • Sports and Physical Education

Major Projects of KCC

  • Parent Opinion Survey

A survey related to the academic tuition classes was conducted for parents from Mini KG to 7th Std. The process adopted includes aspects like questionnaire designing, questionnaire administration, data analysis and preparation of report.
Structured questionnaire was designed to meet the requirements of the client with respect to the Academic Tuition Classes. More than 1200 questionnaires collected and analysed and a report with the recommendations from the experts was submitted to the client.

  • Designing 360 Degree Feedback System

KCC provided consultancy for designing 360 degree feedback forms for various units of an educational institute. For teachers’ assessment, separate feedback forms for parents, third party, authority and students were designed as per the requirement of the client.

  • Energy Efficient Lighting System.

KCC has provided a consultancy to install Energy efficient LED lamps instead of fluorescent lamps. A study of lighting system of the building and energy consumption of presently installed fluorescent lamps was calculated along with its total cost per year. Total saving of energy and cost was calculated if these lamps were replaced by energy efficient LED lamps.

  • Corporate Training

A corporate training was conducted for the reputed IT Company on Basic operational commands on Linux Operating System, Nusoap and REST web services using PHP.

  • Computer Networking Solution

KCC provided a networking solution to the International school. As per the requirement of the client a solutions regarding purchase of various equipments, final equipment list along with the configurations were suggested.

We are happy to provide customised consultancy services to you and your esteemed organisation.

For enquiry kindly contact
Mrs. Shweta Bapat, Head Kaveri Consultancy Cell
(M) 9422311288 / shwetambapat@yahoo.co.in

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