From Std. V to VIII, the progress of students throughout the year is assessed through a Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) process. CCE assesses all aspects of a student’s development, including academic and co-curricular abilities, life skills, attitude and behavior, without any stress.

During CCE, students are continuously assessed in knowledge, understanding, comprehension, applying, analyzing, evaluating and creativity, through summative and formative assessments.

‘Formative assessment’ is integrated in the teaching-learning process and assesses a student on basis of projects, work sheets, group projects, experiments, drawing books, activities etc.

‘Summative assessment’ consists of two unit tests, terminal exams and annual exams, which the school conducts internally. For Std. IX and X, students are evaluated on basis of two unit tests, terminal exams and annual exams. In case of Std. X, this annual exam will be the SSC board exam.

For Std. X, prelims are conducted in addition, to prepare your child for the board exams.

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