Co Curricular Extra Curricular

Co Curricular Extra Curricular

We believe in all round development and in building sensitive, confident, and socially responsible individuals. Drawing and physical training are offered as co-curricular activities from std. VIII to X. In Std. IX and X, Personality Development, Social Service/Vocational Guidance are offered as additional co-curricular activities.

Students also participate in elocution, music and drawing competitions, which build their confidence and give them more exposure.

Industrial visits and trainings are arranged for students. Under this activity our students have visited MITCON, NARI. Std. VIII students were taken to ‘Indradhanush’ to see an environment conservation project.

Students also choose an activity of their liking as an ‘extracurricular activity.’ We offer Taekwondo, Mallakhambh, Wrestling, Yoga, Music and Drawing. These activities allow students to master a skill which they cannot afford to learn outside the school.

Our school is actively engaged in an environment conservation project with a NGO called ‘Green Hills’. 25 students visit specific hills in Pune, two times every week. They plant and nurture saplings, clean the hills of weeds and grass, plastic bags, and bottles and build bunds on the hill slopes to stop soil erosion and conserve water.

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