KSJC has excellent teaching staff with deep knowledge about their subjects. We are committed for development of all our teaching staff. Our staff regularly attends workshops, interacts with experts, keeps abreast of latest knowledge and adopts current and best teaching methods. At the beginning of every year, all departments set objectives and plan teaching methods and activities.

I am very proud of all my staff. It is my pleasure to introduce you my staff and to our various departments.

Faculty - Science

Department of Physics

Welcome to our department.  We complement classroom teaching with lab methods to make our students understand abstract concepts and their practical use. In the classroom, students learn to analyse data and use logical thinking to solve numerical problems and in the lab, they understand the theories and concepts taught in the classroom using practical approaches, recording observations and drawing conclusions. Both methods develop logical thinking abilities, practical skills and inculcate a scientific approach. Guest lectures, quiz competitions / lecture competitions, demonstration of physics behind daily phenomenon and practical application of various laws including model making, visits to institutions like IUCCA, GMRT, Planetarium, tackling various competitive exams, develop a sound knowledge base, develop interest in the field, develop time management skills and prepare the students for an excellent performance at the board exams and other entrance exams, as well as for a future in engineering, medicine or pure sciences.


Ms. Yogita Patil
(M.Sc.(Phy) B.Ed)

Head of Department

List of Teachers
⦁ Ms. Yogita Patil
⦁ Mr. Satyajit Jagtap
⦁ Ms. Manjuswana Chitale
⦁ Ms. Sunetra Dhokrikar
⦁ Ms. Deepashri Bhagwat
⦁ Ms. Neelam Chavan

Department of Chemistry

Welcome to our department.   Poster presentations, colorful diagrams, seminars, projects, power point presentations and demonstrations of application of theory and concepts in day to day life are planned to retain interest of the students in the subject as well as to develop practical, logical reasoning and problem solving skills along with a scientific approach.   Through industrial visits and guest lectures by experts, we prepare the students to face the challenges ahead.


Dr. Ms. Madhuri Chittewan
Ph.D B. Ed

Head of Department

List of Teachers
⦁ Dr. Madhuri Chittewan
⦁ Ms. Kalpana Kadam
⦁ Ms. Archana Vadeyar
⦁ Ms. Neelima Chaudhari
⦁ Ms. Manjusha Mandaogane
⦁ Ms. Chaitraja Sahasrabuddhe

Department of Biology

Welcome to our department. Our objective is to introduce and interest the students in new fields like biotechnology, medical genetics and bioinformatics. We also try our best to build in them environment awareness and a sense of responsibility towards it. Our teaching methods, aids and activities include: live material, videos, photographs, practical demonstration, slides, rich reading material, power point presentations, projects, stimulating discussions and guest lecture series.


Ms. Veena Prabhu
(M.Sc. B.Ed)

Head of Department

List of Teachers

⦁ Ms. Veena Prabhu
⦁ Ms. Mugdha Hengle
⦁ Ms. Sonali Ghatpande

Department of Computer Science

Welcome to our department.  We prepare the students for a career in computers and electronic engineering through providing an insight and practical experience in HTML and web page design, C++, 8085 microprocessor and executing assembly language programs using 8085 kit and in digital electronics and semi conductor theory, which are the foundations of a career in electronic engineering.


Ms. Shobha Channal
(M.Sc.M Phil (Elec)

Head of Department

List of Teachers

⦁ Ms. Shobha Channal
⦁ Ms. Manisha Madhekar
⦁ Ms. Gayatri Mulay

Department of Electronics

Welcome to our department.   Electronics is a new science subject which is introduced in Std. XI. Being a technical subject, it is necessary to build clear basic concepts and sound subject knowledge. Our objective is to make the students gain knowledge regarding the practical use of every component and develop designing, strategic planning and evaluating skills. Our methods and activities such as interclass quiz competitions, project exhibition, seminars, etc. are planned to achieve our specific objectives.   We train students to design the circuit using their own ideas and logic. For example, in one important activity, the students will be expected to build a working model. This requires not only thorough subject knowledge but also designing skills, techniques and most importantly dedication and patience. Industrial visits are specially organized to introduce the students to industrial culture and practical applications.


Ms. Sheetal Sawant

Head of Department

List of Teachers

⦁ Ms. Sheetal Savant
⦁ Ms. Gayatri Mulay

Department of Geography

Welcome to our department.   Our objective is to develop in our students map reading skills, measuring and drawing skills and skills for using and manipulating geographical instruments. We use various audio visual teaching aids and interactive activities build sound subject knowledge and provide extensive practical experience through frequent field visits as well as study tours.


Mr. Ashish Kumar
(M.Sc. M.C.M, B.Ed,)

Head of Department

List of Teachers

⦁ Mr. Ashish Kumar
⦁ Ms. Devika Deshpande
⦁ Ms. Deepti Kulkarni

Department of Languages

Welcome to our department.   Through interactive audio visual teaching methods and activities such as power point presentations, essay writing, quizzes, poetry competitions, projects, etc., we develop language skills in your son or daughter, enrich his or her vocabulary and inculcate a culture of self-learning. Activities such as group discussions, debating are specially conducted to build communication and inter-personnel skills and prepare your son or daughter academically as well as for future professions.

We offer Marathi or German as second language.


Ms. Medha Rabade

Head of Department of Languages

List of Teachers

⦁ Ms. Medha Rabade
⦁ Ms. Vaishali Chillal
⦁ Ms. Dimple Bhatia
⦁ Ms. Sunita Shrivastava

⦁ Ms. Anjali Deshpande
⦁ Ms. Sonali Deshpande

⦁ Ms. Shweta Karandikar
⦁ Ms. Shweta Deshpande

Department of Mathematics

Welcome to our department.  Our objective for our students is to develop clear thinking, problem solving skills, ability to handle abstractions and to understand structures and relationships. We also support students to overcome the fear of mathematics and set higher goals. Our teaching methods and aids include power point presentations, charts, models, puzzles as well as challenging and interesting study material for students of all aptitudes.


Ms. Bindu K.M.
(M.Sc. B.Ed)

Head of Department of Mathematics

List of Teachers

⦁ Ms. Bindu K.M.
⦁ Ms. Aarti Kulkarni
⦁ Mr. Rohan Deshpande
⦁ Ms. Sheetal Salunke
⦁ Ms. Sampada Bhalerao

Department of Information Technology

Welcome to our department.   Our objective is to generate, in students, a keen interest in the basic concepts and application software. They will learn various computer languages like VB(visual basic), HTML, JavaScript, ASP using VBScript along with database management system in connection to ASP. We emphasize on practicals as self explanatory tools, which help the students to actually see the working model of an application. While developing software application, we cover both ‘front’ and ‘back’ ends in a span of two years. Front end means the various languages and the back end is the hardware concept.   In addition we thoroughly prepare the students for the online board exam through regular practice during practicals, theory classes and competitions.


Ms. Swati Kumbhar
(B.Com. M.C.M.)

Head of Department

List of Teachers

⦁ Ms. Swati Kumbhar
⦁ Ms. Manisha Madhekar

Department of Environmental Education

Welcome to our department.   Our objective is to develop in students an understanding of the social, ecological and economic dimensions of human development, issues related to current patterns of development, sustainable development in global and local context and the role of society in finding solutions to various problems. The students will learn through discussions on local issues, debates, lectures, projects as well as through nature walks, audio visual presentations, photographs, educational aids made by NGOs, poster etc.


Ms. Devika Deshpande
(M.Sc., Dip. E.E, B. Ed)

Head of Department

List of Teachers

⦁ Ms. Devika Deshpande
⦁ Ms. Sonali Ghatpande


Welcome to the Commerce stream.  Our basic aim is to encourage students to use his or her own thinking and creative abilities in learning the fundamentals of new topics and to assimilate new concepts in commerce in an easy way.   Quizzes, visits to commercial offices, institutions and banks as well as self study exercises facilitate easy learning and practical insight.   The subjects in Commerce i.e. Secretarial Practice, Economics, Organization of Commerce and Management, Book Keeping and Accountancy, are taught by all the lecturers in the Commerce department.


Ms. Melita Rogers

Head of Department

List of Teachers

⦁ Ms. Melita Rogers
⦁ Ms. Pashmina Kane
⦁ Ms. Radhika Madikunt
⦁ Ms. Anagha Deshpande

Counselling Unit

The success of an individual in life depends solely on the proper utilization of his/ her capacity within the limitations imposed by the society. However, it is not easy to practice what one preaches. There is no doubt that one’s goal should be to succeed, but this should be achieved without harming the interests of the others. Developing such an attitude requires a tidious mental process that needs dedicated and continuous attention. With competition entering into every field both, parents and the students feel the pressure. It becomes important then to ensure that the students make the optimum use of the opportunities by using the best of their abilities, which can enable them to know more about their own competencies and develop their overall personality.

Activities undertaken by the Counselling Unit
Individual and Group Counselling – At times it becomes absolutely necessary to talk to some one who is a professionally trained individual and listens with a very non-judgemental approach.
Parental Counselling (whenever needed) – Parents are called if needed or they are also free to contact the counsllor during the college hours.
Organising Awareness Programmes for students, staff members and parents like :
⦁ Cyber Crime and Cyber Safety
⦁ Drug Awareness
⦁ Suicide Prevention
⦁ Handling Adolescents
⦁ Coping with Adolescents
⦁ Many sensitization programmes
⦁ Enriching Minds Program : It is a Mental Health Awareness Programme that is conducted in each unit, under which the sessions
or the workshops are conducted for students, parents and staff. It normally has a common theme.


Ms. Smita Pradhan
(M.A. Clinical Psychology)



The library is a pivot around which the entire education system revolves.
Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao Junior college library was established in the year 1996, the very first year of the commencement of college. It is located on the 5th floor of the college building and is spacious with adequate sitting arrangement for students.
Our college library is the trinity of students, staff and resources. The Junior College library plays a vital role in catering to the needs of the students and staff. The library has a huge collection of text books, reference books; competitive examination books, story books, fictions, biographies/Autobiographies, books on self improvement and CDs.
In addition the library also subscribes to a number of newspapers and magazines. Previous years’question paper sets of board examinations and internal examinations are also available. The quiet ambience in the library promotes the students to pursue their studies and reference work. Students are allowed to make use of the computers with internet connection to do their project work.


Ms. Ashwini Sarpotdar
(B.Com, M.LIB.SC)


Department of Sports

Along with academic excellence, the college is also very interested in sports and extra-curricular activities. The well equipped gymnasium and the gymkhana facilitate students in their practice. Our college encourages students to participate in various sport events. Our students performed well in National, State and district level sport events. Along with the popular games, students are motivated to participate in other sports as well. Our students also participate in the invitational tournaments.

Sport infrastructures:
⦁ Sports room
⦁ One Acre ground
⦁ Two Table tennis tables.
⦁ basketball court
⦁ Gymnasium
⦁ Carom and Chess: Boards for these games are provided to students in the sports room.
⦁ Yoga is practiced in the hall adjacent to the gymnasium.
⦁ Volley ball and hand ball courts

While academic excellence has been the main goal of our educational efforts, for the last 15 years, the participation and performance in sports, cultural activities, extra-curricular activities, have also received due and minute attention of the authorities of the college.


Mr. Ajay Jagtap
(M.Ed Physical Education)

Sports Teacher

Motivation to the students :
1. The students are motivated by the college by providing facilities for practice. All kinds of sports materials are supplied to the students without taking any additional charges.
2. All expenses towards the participation in tournaments is borne by the Institute.


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