Counselling Unit

The success of an individual in life depends solely on the proper utilization of his/ her capacity within the limitations imposed by the society. However, it is not easy to practice what one preaches. There is no doubt that one’s goal should be to succeed, but this should be achieved without harming the interests of the others. Developing such an attitude requires a tidious mental process that needs dedicated and continuous attention. With competition entering into every field both, parents and the students feel the pressure. It becomes important then to ensure that the students make the optimum use of the opportunities by using the best of their abilities, which can enable them to know more about their own competencies and develop their overall personality.

Activities undertaken by the Counselling Unit

– Individual and Group Counselling
– Parental Counselling (whenever needed)
– Organising Awareness Programmes for students, staff members and parents like

  1. Cyber Crime and Cyber Safety
  2. Drug Awareness
  3. Suicide Prevention
  4. Handling Adolescents
  5. Coping with Adolescents

– Organising Sensitization sessions for the staff – New Horizon
– Enriching Minds Program

Many such programmes are organised that can help in enriching the child’s mental, physical, emotional well being. The Counselling Unit always aims at creating the Caring atmosphere in the institution and alwyas tries to provide the platform to the children where they can voice their opinions and their opinions are respected.

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