Armed with the expertise of nurturing five institutions, from schools to colleges, the Kaveri Group of Institutes now brings to Pune, The Kaveri International School, a school with proposed ICSE curriculum and international teaching methods and standards. Rooted in tradition while valuing innovation, the curriculum is founded on the five pillars of well- being or the Pancha Koshas amalgamating the physical, emotional, intellectual, creative and spiritual aspects that are essential to the complete blossoming of every child. Integrating the best of western thought and education, at KIS we stay true to ourselves.

Driven by sustainable development and the well being of the planet, Kaveri Group of Institutes provides not just the best infra-structure for outward development but also delve deep into the inner development of every human being. Based on the profound tenet of Vidhya Amritam Vindatey, translating into “obtaining knowledge for immortality” , the Kaveri Group believes that only knowledge acquisition can serve as the elixir of life and grant intellectual immortality to those who seek it.

Kaveri alumni have served society and the communities they live in and claimed their place in the sun.

Today, we are more ready than ever to make the world a better place through enlightened leadership and education.


Founded in the 1952, the Kannada Sangha and the Kaveri Group of Institutes have made their place in the field of education. In 1963, a visionary who valued education beyond aal else, Dr. Kalmadi Shamrao popularly known as Dr. K.S Rao, along with a Mr. D.S Vajram, Mr.G.M Shetty, Mrs.Padma Garudachar, Mr. Jagannath B. Shetty and other Kannadiga stalwarts started school for a motley group of children. Strengthened by grit, determination and dedication to the betterment of the children from nearby communities, today those very foundations support the Kaveri Group of Institutes that are at the vanguard of education.

What began as a quest to open up opportunities to marginalized migrant children from Karnataka with just 35 students, has blossomed to mammoth proportions with over 6000 students under the Kaveri banner. Kannada Sangha’s Kaveri Group of Institutes which has its beginings in Karnataka high school, today includes two English medium schools, one Kannada medium secondary school, offerings in Humanities, Science and Commerce at the undergraduate level and M.sc.In Computer Science at the Post Graduate level.

Having defined education and schooling over the last sixty years, the group is poised to push the boundaries further in the pursuit of excellence. Helmed by Mr, Kushal Hegde, President, Kannada Sangha Pune, an astute entrepreneur with a social conscience and Mrs. Malati Kalmadi, Secretary, Kannada Sangha, a life-long educationist, child development expert and innovator, and a small group of extremely committed trustees, the Kaveri Group is set to conquer new horizons in education.

Armed with the expertise of nurturing five institutions, from schools to colleges, the Kaveri Group has brought to Pune. The Kaveri International School, follows ICSE Curriculum.

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