Idea Generation Camp 24th January 2018

Idea Generation Camp 24th January 2018

Department of Management in association with
Board of Student Development,
Savitribai Phule Pune University
Idea Generation Camp
24th January 2018

Why businesses fail? Why do they become big hit in the market?  What is the soul of a business?
There is only one common answer to all these questions and that is ‘AN IDEA’.
A good idea may give success and a bad idea can be responsible for the collapse of a business.
It is very important to search or to generate a good idea for any business. Not every idea can lead to business. It has to be converted into business opportunity by evaluating it on the basis of some parameters.
This idea can come from any source. It can be a problem, an extension of earlier business, modification or correction in existing business or simply innovative or creative imagination of an entrepreneur.
This workshop aims to train students to recognize, understand and generate business ideas and also to evaluate with some criteria.


  1. To introduce to the students various idea generation techniques.
  2. To help students understand the eco system of entrepreneurship
  3. To guide students to generate ideas with one technique.
  4. To provide students guideline to understand, evaluate an idea and convert that business idea into a business opportunity.

The workshop is conducted with the help of management games, activities, debriefing of the activities and group discussions.

Bonafide under-graduate and post-graduate students of any stream can participate in the competition. The participating students will receive a certificate
Reporting time: 9:00 am    Venue: AV Hall 6th Floor

Entry is Free. No registration fee will be charged, however prior registration is necessary. Registration will be open for first 50 participants only on first come first serve basis.
IGC Registration form
IGC Brochure

Participants can enroll by sending their Name, college name and mobile number on or before 22nd January 2018 on the following email id :

For further Communication kindly contact:-

  1. Shweta Bapat (Co-ordinator) on 9422311288
  1. Sayee Kulkarni (Asst. Co-ordinator) on 9823159280
  1. Shruti Sastikar (Asst. Co-ordinator) on 7767964400

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