Physics Sessions by International Faculty

Physics Sessions by International Faculty

Skype sessions by Physics teacher from Finland.

Std VI to Std X had an opportunity to interact with physics teacher – Mikko Korhonen, from Finland.

Here are photographs and feedback from students.

Mikko korhonen

Mikko Korhonen obtained a master’s degree from Tampere Technical University, in Finland. He studied Physics, Mathematics and Pedagogics. Since then, he has been teaching Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science at various schools in Finland.

He has also developed a number of educational programs that brought some of his students to top scientific facilities in the world, including the Nordic Optical Telescope(NOT) observatory in La Palma, Spain, the CERN laboratory at the Franco-Swiss border and the LATMOS laboratory in France. Most recently some of his students have attended the translantic Science School, which Mikko
founded. His students are also award winners in the Finish National Science Competition. Mikko received one
of the distinguished FulBright Awards in Teaching, which brought him to University of Maryland for a semester.

He has also created scientific toys for students.Please click the following links to view demo of few toys.

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