Festival of Poetry

Festival of Poetry

Festival of Poetry

Every year to commemorate the death anniversary of the great freedom fighter and orator Lokmanya Tilak, an event is organized in the school on the 31st of August, wherein, children are trained to present their oratory skills.
Through festival of poetry we at KHS also want our children to inculcate the habit of reading poetry, appreciating poetry and also writing poetry. We teachers feel that this is the best age at which we could tap such talent in our children.
We had full class from Std. I to Std. IV presenting their wonderful rendition of poems at the Festival of Poetry.
It is an inter- class recitation competition. This year they have to recite poems in HINDI and different topics like motivation, Guru, ….were given to each class for selecting their poems.
The judges for the event were Mrs. Sujata Kulkarni and Arti Deo for Std III and IV respectively Mrs. Neeta Bharti and Mrs. Ujjwala Kulkarni were the judges for Std. I and Std. II.
It was an enjoyable day that provided a very satisfying experience of listening to a variety of poems in Hindi. The whole environment was filled with Hindi as the comparing was also in Hindi very effectively done by our Hindi teacher Mrs. Seema Dalvi for MS and Mrs. Arti Deo for AS. Each child recited with apt actions, voice modulation, and expressions, making a perfect presentation . The judges, indeed , had a tough time deciding the winners.

Results :

Std I
Winners – ASTER
1st Runners Up – LILY

Std II
Winners – ORCHID
1st Runners Up – LOTUS

Winners – CORAL
1st Runners Up – RUBY

Std IV
Winners – GARNET
1st Runners Up – EMERALD

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