Ans 1. Admission is only on the basis of any vacancies that might arise by the time the new school year begins. They are strictly based on an admission test administered to the student in the month of June.

Ans 2. The students are tested in English (Grammar and Composition) and Mathematics based on their previous year’s curriculum.

Ans 3. The students learn English, Marathi and Hindi as per the curriculum laid out by the State Board for English medium schools. They have the option of choosing between Sanskrit and French in Stds. VIII, IX and X.

Ans 4. The school is affiliated to the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education.

Ans 5. The school works in a single shift from 7.30 am to 1.30 pm. Except Std. 10 which works on Saturdays as well, the rest of the school has a five day week.

Ans 6. Yes, students with special needs are assured of a very secure environment conducive to the growth of every child. They have the assistance of two full time school counselors and a remedial teacher.

Ans 7. As a matter of school policy, there is no ability grouping in the formation of classes. Every child is given an equal opportunity to blossom.

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