Our trained, qualified and experienced teachers are your child’s guides and role models. All our staff is of great value to us and we strongly believe in constantly developing our teaching staff and exposing them to the best and current practices in teaching and evaluating.

Our quality circle, asset – question a day and various workshops allow teachers to evaluate their teaching, identify gaps and improve and adopt new methods to fetch better results.

Our teachers go beyond the text book and use the various audio visual methods and technology to teach concepts and practical application. The interactive and innovative teaching methods used, simplify topics for children and make learning enjoyable and interesting.

We are very proud to mention that one of our teachers recently received the “ Best Cyber Coordinator” award from SOF, New Delhi based organization.

I am proud of all my teachers.

List of Staff - Year 2017-18
Principal Mrs. Jyothi Kadkol
Accountant Mrs. Ashwini Awati
Clerk Ms. Uttara Deshpande
Morning Shift Mrs. Shweta Inamdar
Afternoon shift Mrs. Neha Joshi
Hindi Teachers
Mrs. Aarti Deo
Mrs. Nandini Vartak
Music Teachers
Dr. Rajashree Mahajani
Mrs. Madhuri Kulkarni
P. T. Teachers
Mr. Anil Jadhav
Mrs. Swati Satpute
Mrs. Ashwini Deshpande
Mrs. Devyani Moharir
Art teachers
Mrs. Nanda Kale
Mrs. Sangeeta Hande
Computer teachers
Mrs. Mugdha Joshi
Mrs. Jyoti Wakhare
Mrs. Sonali Shinde
Mrs. Seema Dongare
Mrs. Shraddha Nanaware
Remedial Teacher
Mrs. Suhasini Kulkarni
Sr. No Class Division Name of the teacher
1 I Rose Mrs. Runa Chattopadhyay
Mrs. Sayali Faizpurkar (Mother Tr)
2 I Lily Mrs. Rakhee Patil
Mrs. Pallavi Bhogade (Mother Tr)
3 I Tulip Mrs. Swati Ranade
Mrs. Jyoti Takalkar (Mother Tr)
4 I Daisy Mrs. Reshma Jape
Mrs. Ujjwala Khandekar (Mother Tr)
5 I Aster Mrs. Nandini Vartak
Mrs. Preeti Gosavi (Mother Tr)
6 II Jasmine Mrs. Sujata Kulkarni
Mrs. Shailaja Shedbale (Mother Tr)
7 II Bluebell Mrs. Neha Joshi
Mrs. Poorva Sardesai (Mother Tr)
8 II Lotus Mrs. Shilpa Salvi
Mrs. Anjali Borkar (Mother Tr)
9 II Sunflower Mrs. Poonam Nadkarni
Mrs. Bela Shrotri ( Mother Tr)
10 II Orchid Mrs. Leena Kakani
Mrs. Radhika Dighe (Mother Tr)
Sr. No Class Division Name of the teacher
1 III Ruby Mrs. Archana Kajale
2 III Opal Mrs. Rashmi Deshpande
3 III Jade Mrs. Sameena Shaikh
4 III Coral Mrs. Nilofer Ansari
5 III Jasper Mrs. Vibhavari Dandvate
6 IV Pearl Mrs. Shweta Inamdar
7 IV Garnet Mrs. Nita Bharati
8 IV Emerald Mrs. Nisha Tapde
9 IV Diamond Mrs. Sreekala Kurup
10 IV Topaz Mrs. Ujjwala Kulkarni

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