Campus and Facilities

Committed to excellence in education, the arts, and athletics, Kaveri International School is set in the history-rich environs of Pune. Our beautiful, sprawling eight and a half acre campus has a state of the art learning environment designed to inspire students to discover their strengths and nurture them. The campus will include separate areas for Pre-primary, primary, secondary and high schools, laboratories, Science centres, art and music studios, libraries, gymnasium, spacious playing and athletic fields, a full sized swimming pool and separate fenced playgrounds for pre- school children.



Young and curious minds begin their journeys of discovery in small class room settings with less than 40 students per class to ensure that children explore and immerse themselves in the topics at hand. Supervised access to computers, the library and laboratories will support these quests and ensure that every child learns in ways best suited to them.



Based on the concept of ‘Infinite classrooms’ learning continues beyond the walls of a classroom and on to the play grounds where a wide range of options await every child. Young children can choose between sports like basket-ball, tennis, badminton, swimming and even a world class skating rink. The pool will have clear and sanitized water that will be checked at regular intervals and all safety measures will be strictly enforced by well trained staff and coaches.

All these facilities are planned and will be coming up in a phased manner


The Arts

Encouraging children to express themselves through art, music and dance, Kaveri International School is dedicated to providing every child with opportunities to learn from the very best gurus and mentors. From traditional to modern, Indian or western, learning to sing or to play an instrument, communicate through dance or mastering art; learning will be a joyful experience for every child.


Health and well- being

Committed to traditions of laying strong foundations, young growing minds and bodies will be nurtured with healthy, nutritious food that appeals to them. Designed and cooked by experts in extremely hygienic surroundings, the diet will ensure that they develop healthy eating habits that will last them a lifetime.

A clean and well stocked canteen will serve healthy snacks and drinks during break times. Hygiene and strict quality control of food are regarded as top priorities.



At Kaveri International School, learning and exploration without fear begins as soon as the child gets on board. The designed for children GPRS enabled KIS buses, will be tracked at all times not just remotely, but also by a female and male attendant, who will accompany the children on every ride for their safety.

The child is at the centre of the Kaveri universe and every aspect of the school is designed to prepare each student to grow and thrive in the twenty-first century.


Learning resources Centre

To enable the growth of every student as a successful learner, the school provides learning resources that have been evaluated as per curriculum fit, social considerations and age and developmental appropriateness. Every child is encouraged to actively participate in a community of learners via books, audio-visual aids, software and videos available to each one from an extremely well equipped LRC library staffed by experts.


Medical care

All cases of injuries or illness receive immediate medical attention in the school’s infirmary.Whenever specialised medical aid is required emergency transport is available to take the students to a fully equipped hospital nearby. We do not take any risks with our students and thus serious situations are speedily referred to qualified doctors.

Kaveri International School has a tie up with a hospital in the vicinity so that timely help can be provided to students in case of injuries or diseases. Through this initiative, all students will also receive regular medical examination as a preventive measure.

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