We are very happy to introduce you to our facilities. We are pioneers in introducing computer education as a compulsory subject at the primary level, back in 1994. Today we have a spacious computer lab, where there is one computer for every child.

Our art and craft room is a lively place full of children’s work. Your child will especially like our palette shaped tables and enjoy drawing, making things and watch puppet shows put up by our teachers.

Our library has over 10,000 books as well as educational and story CDs. Once a week your child will spend time in the library reading books and enjoying the ‘underwater scenes’ decorating the walls and tables.

In our well equipped music room, your child will learn to sing, understand rhythm accompanied by some traditional musical instruments.

Your child will participate in physical training, yoga, taekwondo, skating and other games, in our spacious stilts. For some special trainings, we use our nice and shady neighbourhood ground lined with trees. Our annual sports events take place at our huge playground at the secondary school campus, Ganeshnagar.

Our counseling unit will help your child to channelize emotions such as aggressions and frustrations, and overcome shyness, fears and phobias. If your child needs special attention or if your child is gifted, our counselors will provide guidance.

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