Cultural Celebrations

  • Nag Panchami- Worshipping the Snake God is looked at in a different way wherein a ‘Sarpa Mitra’ is invited who gives information about snakes to the children.
  • Guru Pournima- The children are made aware of the concept of a guru through stories and guru puja.
  • Raksha Bandhan– Fostering the feeling of brotherhood and being together, the little ones tie rakhees to their friends/classmates.
  • Gopal Kala- The mischievousness of Krishna is seen even in our children as they break the Handi which is full of goodies.
  • Ganeshotsav- Ganpati Bappa is revered and warmly welcomed by the entire school during Ganeshotsav.
  • Navratri- Certain rituals have a cultural meaning while some encourage people to just come together and celebrate. Dandiya and Bhondla serve the same purpose with colour, dance and enthusiasm in the air.
  • Diwali- This festival of lights, lights up the kids’ faces as they prepare decorative diyas, cards, lanterns and gift them to their loved ones.
  • Christmas- The most awaited Santa Clause comes with a bag full of goodies spreading the message of ‘Joy of Giving’


  • Poetry festival- A poetry festival is organized on 1st August every year, in the memory of great freedom fighter and poet Shri Bal Gangadhar Tilak. The little ones get their first opportunity at the beginning of the year to be on stage and recite poems.
  • Grandparents’ Day- A day dedicated to grandparents wherein we express our respect and gratitude towards their contribution in the childrens’ life and they too enjoy some good moments with their grandchildren in school
  • Concert- Every year we come up with a theme for our Concert when the entire school comes together and puts up a grand show!
  • Picnic- The young ones thoroughly enjoy themselves as they get to explore and enjoy in the midst of nature. A school picnic is organized every year, classwise
  • Medical check-up- Health is Wealth and Prevention is better than cure. Our medical check-up drive helps to identify health related issues at a young age to ensure proper physical growth
  • Talent Show/Fancy dress- Children come dressed up as different characters and showcase their latent talent
  • Father-child trek- Encouraging the bond between father-child and mother nature, this Father-Child trek is a complete hit.
  • Fun-fair- This is the time for real fun with games, tattoos and exciting rides. Not only the children but the parents too look forward to our fun-fair.

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