Kaveri Child Nurture Centre

Day Care Facilities’ have become a necessity for nuclear families, in which both parents are working. Our schools realized that many parents as well as staff did not have a place to leave their children, while they were away at work. KCNC offers complete daycare facilities for pre-primary and primary children studying in our schools, their siblings and children of our staff.

Welcome to Kaveri Child Nurture Centre!

In 2007, the Kannada Sangha started the Kaveri Child Nurture Centre (KCNC) to provide complete day care facilities for children from two years nine months upto 12 years, studying in our schools, their siblings as well as children of our staff, whilst their parents are away from home.

Today, KCNC has about 20, two years nine months to six year olds, who are studying in our pre-primary section and about 15 six to 12 year olds who are studying in our primary section. Located in the separate premise of our pre-primary section, the centre occupies the entire fifth floor of the school building and offers a secure and child friendly environment for the children.

Children start arriving at 7 a.m. and leave at 7 p.m. The centre takes full responsibility of the children right from providing breakfast, lunch, snacks, making the children ready for school, receiving them after school, changing clothes, ensuring that the children get an afternoon nap as well as complete their homework.

The centre has a total of 10 staff comprising of three teachers, five maushi’s or helpers, one coordinator and a cook.

Children have a structured day schedule which includes art and craft activities, exercises, games, free play, music, study time and praying time. The activities are planned to develop children academically as well as to inculcate in them good behavior and discipline.

Children celebrate Indian festivals such as Diwali, Palakhi, Dahi Handi, Navratri, Raksha Banhan, Ganesh Chaturthi and Bhondala. There are taken for picnics and camps.

Every year, the centre conducts a summer camp during which special activities like skating, drawing, swimming, etc. are conducted.

For more details please contact Ms. Manisha Mirajkar, In Charge, KCNC, on 020 – 25452794.

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