Welcome to our Secondary Section!

Secondary education is the foundation of higher education. We offer a rich balance of academic, co curricular and extracurricular activities to ensure all round development of our students. Participating in our various activities your son or daughter will develop a strong conceptual base, learn practical application of theoretical concepts, learn to take responsibility, develop an understanding for social issues and develop communication, interpersonal and leadership skills.

We believe in widening the horizons of our students. We develop our students academically, keep them in pace with the technological advancements taking place all around, make them aware of the various opportunities available and guide them to choose the right career path.

Secondary education is the time when children are transiting from childhood to teenage. Our experienced and trained counselors and specially designed counseling activities will help you and your child through the transition.

We help our students to identify their potentials and work them to their advantage, to develop self confidence, self discipline and learn the tenets of team work. Our students leave the portals of the school as skilled, socially aware and sensitive individuals, ready to take up new challenges, pursue higher education and live life with balance.

I am proud of all my students.

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