Our well-equipped facilities include a science laboratory, a huge playground, a computer lab with LAN and internet facility for both students and teachers and a well equipped library. We also have SMS facility to keep you updated on upcoming events and notices.

We also have a counselling unit which conducts various interactive activities to help students deal with emotions, attitudes and peer pressure. It plays an important role in helping secondary students and their parents during the phase of transition from childhood, to teenage to adulthood. The unit has a ‘Special Needs’ programme to cater to diverse learners. The counselling unit’s ’Gifted and Talented’ programme is a feather in our cap. This programme provides guidance to children with exceptional abilities in one or more areas, the opportunity to explore/nurture their potential. The school has Smart Boards to aid teaching through media resources.

The school library is an educational and cultural environment where individuals are exposed to ideas through the use of print and non-print resources in many media formats. The library provides curricular support by the provision of materials, collaborative curricular support through consultation with teachers, informal instruction and individual mentoring, communication with faculty, online and library oriented research support during and after school hours, as well as the fostering of a lifelong love of reading.

Science is taught as an experimental subject at KHS Aundh. That means that students spend most of their time of their science periods in the labs actively experiencing science, rather than passively having it demonstrated to them by the teachers. In our laboratory, all students learn how to design and execute their own experiments, record their findings and draw up scientific reports. The labs are equipped with the latest technological devices in order to support cutting-edge experimentation. A strong emphasis on scientific method is inculcated in students from the very beginning

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