Your child’s progress through the year is assessed through a Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) process. In the primary CCE assesses all aspects of your child’s development, including academic and co-curricular abilities, life skills, attitude and behavior, without any stress.

During CCE, your child will be continuously assessed in knowledge, understanding, comprehension, applying and analyzing, evaluating and creativity, through summative and formative assessments.

Summative Assessment( SA)consists of two evaluations; i.e. the Term end Evaluation and the Annual evaluation.

Formative Evaluation pattern for Std I to Std. VIII is as follows:- Formative Assessment ( FA) I & II and Formative Assessment III & IV

Evaluation pattern for Std IX to Std X is as follows:- Unit Test I & Term End Exam in the First Term, Unit Test II & Annual Exam in the Second Term.

For Std. X, prelims and monthly tests in all subjects are conducted to prepare your child for the board exams.

Exams are conducted in a stress free environment.

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