Adventure Camp –Karandi Valley

Adventure Camp –Karandi Valley

Adventure Camp –Karandi Valley 

As part of its Outdoor Education Programme, Kaveri International School recently organised its first adventure camp at Karandi valley on 25th and 26th of November. The objective of this camp was to foster discipline, confidence, co-operation and team spirit among the student and also cultivates a love for environment and respect for nature. At KIS, we believe that skills are necessary because our children are now at a character formative stage.

The excitement was palpable as everyone reported on time and the buses departed from school grounds as per schedule at 7:30 am. On reaching the camp, the students soon started with the program lined up for the day. Under the supervision of a highly committed team, the students took part in activities like rifle shooting, ATV bike riding, zip line activity, Commando walk, Archery and Burma Bridge. They enjoyed these challenges thoroughly. Dinner around a bonfire and dancing to music brought day one to fulfilling end.

The next morning saw our enthusiastic children’s wakeup to the alarm by 5 am, all geared to trek up a nearby hill. The trek saw a good amount of team work and discipline as the children helped one another up the hill. They planted the KIS flag into the ground and sat down for a painting session. The last activity of the day was the feedback session. Students were asked to write about their expressions at the camp and the range of the emotions that they felt.

The camp was a huge success because all participants showed tremendous support by actively participating in all the activities, while constantly looking out for the other. Despite it being their first time, the students conducted themselves independently and appropriately. Values of team spirit and compassion were reflected in their behaviour. The children assuredly, had a wonderful time, learning and exploring at the camp.

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