The main goal of early childhood education is to ensure the optimal development of the young child. This age is a crucial one in the development of the child and hence a developmental approach rather than educational approach is adapted. We believe in: * Fostering of natural curiosity and creative ability. * Discipline created from within not imposed from outside. * Focus on learning process not end results. * Emphasis on learning not teaching. * And above all, let the child be the source of his/her own discoveries.

Children are taken on educational trips and picnics, to visit places such as the museum, railway station, post office, parks and joyously learn through experiencing, understanding things and relating to things. Places are carefully chosen keeping in mind the interests and knowledge needs of the different age groups.

The classroom activities are planned and supervised in such a way that along with receiving the necessary knowledge base and experiences for the said age-group, children will also learn important qualities such as discipline, leadership, co-operation, sportsmanship, honesty and team spirit. Your child will enjoy our fitness activities which will enhance his or her motor skills, eye hand co-ordination and concentration.

Our self contained outdoor and indoor play area, with play paraphernalia, basketball hoops, cycles, hula hoops, ladders, jumping balls, doll’s house and a sand pit are the all time favourites. Your child will enjoy playing and at the same time learn to be brave, to explore, develop problem solving skills and use his or her senses to discover the natural world.
Dramas, stories and poems inculcate good values in children where rhythmic movement helps overcome inhibition and creates a good feeling about self. As we know that music fosters overall development, your child will participate in music, movement and drama every day and express his or her innate qualities, develop self confidence, imagination and body awareness.

It is in a natural environment that children get a chance to touch, taste, smell, see, hear, and express. Our ‘Work Experience’ will provide your child plenty of opportunities to observe, compare, explore and interact with materials and processes and learn to respect the efforts that go into making things. For example, your child will learn to sow seeds and see how seeds sprout and grow, peel potatoes and participate in making curry, make sandwiches.

In this way, our entire curriculum is planned keeping in mind the growing need of giving maximum exposure to our children.

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