About Kannada Sangha Pune

The Beginning

  • Founded in 1952, Kannada Sangha, Pune as a cultural organization of Kannadigas residing in Pune. In 1963 a visionary, who valued education above all, Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao popularly known as Dr. K. S. Rao alongwith other Kannadiga stalwarts started a school for a motley group of children
  • What began as a quest to open up opportunities to marginalized migrant children from Karnataka with just 35 students, has blossomed to mammoth proportions with over 6000 students annually under the Kaveri banner, today



Late Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao
Chief Mentor and Co-Founder, Kannada Sangha Pune.

An honest, helpful, caring and outspoken person with a good sense of humour, Dr. Shamarao Kalmadi practiced dignity of labour. An admirable leader with tremendous energy, he was a go getter and appreciated hard work. An excellent friend to all, he commanded respect wherever he went. A genuine person at heart, he believed in doing things without any discrimination to caste, creed, colour and economic status.


Late Shri G.M. Shetty
Co-Founder and President, Kannada Sangha Pune.

A visionary who has been actively involved in the conceptualization and creation of Kaveri Group of Istitutes. Very passionate about education, he played a key role in building this institution.


  • 1963 Karnataka High school – Kannada Medium
  • 1971 Karnataka High school – English Medium
  • 1990 Karnataka High school, Ganeshnagar
  • 1996 Dr Kalmadi Shamrao Jr. College, Ganeshnagar
  • 1999 Dr Kalmadi Shamrao High school, Ganeshnagar
  • 2000 Dr Kalmadi Shamrao High school, Aundh
  • 2005 Kaveri Senior College
  • 2007 Kaveri Child Nurture Centre
  • 2014 Kaveri Gifted Education Centre
  • 12015 Kaveri Kalakshetra
  • 2015 Kaveri International School (ICSE) , Lohegaon

What we do

We carry out various cultural activities and social events for our members, all the year round. Our ‘Kaveri Group of Institutes’ runs a group of educational institutes providing school, junior college, undergraduate and post graduate level education. We also do some social work and support our Kannada Medium School, which provides high school education to underprivileged Kannada children.

Cultural Programmes

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