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The ten year olds entering the aisles of higher education in KHS Ganeshnagar are on the threshold of adolescent period. This is the time when the brain has incredible plasticity and is extremely sensitive to experiences. We need to take advantage of this opportunity as this period is an extremely important milestone for learning that sticks. If I had to choose a symbol to represent the age between 10 to 16 years it would be that of a door. Doors are passages into a new world which sparks interest as to what exists beyond them.

The doors of opportunity at KHS are many. The setting up of the state of the art Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL) will open the door to discovery which will nurture innovation, encourage problem solving and critical thinking and develop entrepreneurship among our students. The school will forever be grateful to the team of students and educators who worked tirelessly during the Diwali break of 2016 to prepare the students for the ATL national competition held in University of Pune.
Another significant step of implementing the CBSE curriculum from June 2017 has paved the way for a dynamic and progressive curriculum that will prepare our students for the future. The expected benefit of this decision is a smaller class size which will set the stage for an ideal learning environment. Beginning a new academic program from the ground up has injected into my teachers a vision to plan child centric learning which is meaningful and engaging. An initiative of this dimension wouldn’t have been possible without the strong support from the parents who believed in Team KHS.
I am sure you have noticed the new look of our school compound wall. I am very proud of my students and art teachers who came together to contribute their artistic energies in designing and completing wall painting project. This month long project led by artist Sujata Dharap, witnessed students, teachers, alumni, parents, principals, commuters and members of the management work tirelessly and transform a mute wall into a speaking wall exhibiting vibrant splashes of colours, strokes and images.
In our pursuit of opening doors of opportunities for the learners we never let our focus waver from making our students good human beings. This year the school cinema program will introduce the students to basic set of life skills and values through the medium of award winning films. We value each student and our school programs will continue to empower the young learners to develop their self esteem, self awareness and self confidence. I hope my students draw on their learning to knock down doors of hate, strife and trauma and encourage and inspire the world on a path to peace and progress.

Mrs Pallavi Naik

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